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Under glass brass for Wine

Under glass in brass for wine.

Subject worked with high quality machines and precision milling, to obtain a high detail in the logo and written that can be customized according to customer requirements of how the various burnishing or galvanic for brass. Excellent opportunity to customize your table and give a touch of elegance and refinement, strengthening the importance of the wine in the chalice.

This article is designed and created by me to try to give some importance and strength to the glass of wine and of course the wine itself. Turning on holidays between breweries and wineries open, I noticed that every glass of beer if species craft often presented under a glass with beer advertising space or that promoted. This aroused me at once an interest in developing something for the wine, making its importance for our culture. Definitely an under glass that was not of paper or polycarbonate nice but inadequate for a glass of wine. I immediately thought of something that was valuable but easy to work especially to be carved in fine detail.

I chose octene definitely excellent material for certain ductile precision machining and at the same time beautiful and elegant to see. That’s from there was born my first under glass brass that thanks to a control machines you can create a personalized care of all the details for a good advertising formula.

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