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Blacksmith and machinery

There was a time when the manual arts made her mistress ; a time when the blacksmith was one of those people born to make weapons ( swords , spears , shields , etc . ) , one of those people who inherited the job from his predecessors and proudly carried on the craft making it better and better . Then , the onerous job of building weapons has gone to the great chain of multinational corporations and the smiths , they were reinvented in handicrafts of all kinds of items , from furnishings to be shown at the gate to defend themselves ; but as it is defined prestigious it has always been hard work , undervalued and now , alas , also under paid. this figure a little ‘ for the industrial evolution , a bit ‘ for SO-CALLED crisis is disappearing and with a lamp , in little traditions of the country , you still can find some.

Incontrovertibly to the dexterity of the blacksmith , always dirt in the midst of his irons , has developed the figure Printer , a result of a race to industrialization , which led to the creation of machinery ( such as hydraulic presses ) , able to copy to mold certain metal parts for the daily requirement . This new figure emerged after centuries of work incontrovertibly acquitted and only the blacksmith . A figure created with the advent of industrialization undisputed ; a figure created to use machinery that assottigliassero pieces of iron to the point of use to divide , cover , build , sheet metal so thin , constituted by the use of iron and other alloys , which are brought together in machinery that , through the pressurization , them make it thin by using the commercial requirements and the utility demand.

A job that does not have a ‘soul, like the one the blacksmith still manages to enhance with his work, but it is a mechanical work, which does not pretend to have opinions, but useful for all those people still tied to construction, to gardening, to DIY and any other craft or hobby, can be done with the use of a simple more or less thin metallic slab. Every battle, had his blacksmith. Today has never spoken with harmony of a printer, if not for the ‘utility also produce parts for the automobile industry and of weapons parts. We all remember Excalibur, its legendary power. Definitely haunted but just as surely built and by whom, except by a very skilled blacksmith. I could go on making comparisons inextricable putting the two protagonists of this small article, the necessity and virtue of making art of their work, whatever it is. Obviously praise is never for everyone and is to recognize that mastery of manual skills leads to praise the blacksmith who for thousands of years still stands in our daily lives. Enough praise for a printer you can do it definitely, because the manual dexterity was absorbed by productive mechanisms, to which he as people must resist. Mechanisms that wear out and alienate life compared to existence. Let’s work well whatever it is is the main virtue of all those people who use manual skills, or machines to make our life less strenuous, more graceful, better than as it was in the days of those many wars where the end he was not blacksmiths, grooms and soldiers, but the fibula in search of glory. This also we do today, expressing it through what we are allowed, with our work and our daily lives.

Blacksmith or some printer is not a dilemma, certainly should not become a source of rivalry, of course we have to respect and appreciate them. There are sections that the new industry subtracts all; globalization swallows voraciously what we do, but we must not give way to virtuous assumptions of those who have a feeling in recognizing the usefulness of things for what they are, for what they serve and to give the opportunity to move forward, always. Blacksmith or printer is a dispute that can not ragionarsi on paper, but must increase its value to what everyone is in their own living. desired choices, induced choices, constraints or replicate, each has his life is make the responsible choice or not and, while we are here to tell what we believe they are, these people go on to do what they do best: the their work. Now, if I may on the edge of my soliloquy, I would like to express my great appreciation to those two categories of workers who, despite everything, in the interweaving of this modernity, where everything is swallowed by technology, resist upright weatherproof every single day, showing tenacious and courageous, to continue to develop tools, tools and components that we all use, without even realizing it every single day that goes by in our everyday life.

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