Ferro e forgia

coffee table as you would like it ???

geometric table designed and created by ShapeItaly

This is an idea I developed after seeing so many tables very classic or modern, I got involved geometric shapes looking almost like an artistic movement Cubism in painting.

This coffee table is a set of geometric volumes of which the triangle and the square are the master.

Once you understand the geometric effects are to get past the use of the material, here you can try many varieties depending on the skill and taste in knowing how to combine colors and lighting effects that can be achieved.

For this type of table I chose to fill the perimeters created by squares filled with iron steel and brass, which makes me a contrast between the modern and the classic. All this to give a visual impact with the effects of light metal offers us reflecting the different shades of color.

Few days later work and other tests I finished the coffee table inspired by Cubism.

After several tests on the forms I decided to shrink still inside the box with other smaller squares to give more accuracy to detail that distinguish a well-made craft operated with one made in series.

Within the smaller panes I put the wood to find the right thickness for the shelf above where I put the brass finish and then polished before trying these light effects that the metal offers.

Everything stopped with transparent paint in order not to oxidize any metal.

Immagine 678 (FILEminimizer)

Immagine 665 (FILEminimizer)

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