Led lamp traditional handicraft remote control


Lamp crafted in wrought iron


Led lamp traditional handicraft remote control.

Lamp designed and built in-world craftsmanship from Shapeitaly, this lamp has been designed to give effect to the framework as canvas day and a good lamp at night with 3d effect in its play of light thanks to the multi-color LED.

We first designed the subject of a sketch of cardboard where once you find our proportions we started to cut the sheet after which we drew our details and began to affect the plate at the desired points.

Once you have finished carving the plate we went to the forge where thanks to the heat of the forge has made it possible to shape the sketches giving a rounded effect to the parties as desired in this case the leaves.

Once finished the job of drawing on sheet we started to trim the side frame and started to give a coat of paint with the airbrush for the fund.

After that we went to the stage of giving colors to paint brush as if you were painting on canvas as on a picture.

After completion of the painting we wired all the wires to LED lamps to give that effect of night that makes this lamp unique.

(If requested customizations to estimate, for insignia designs of your choice for outdoor use.)

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