Candlestick artistic


object designed and made by Shapeitaly in a completely handmade


 candlestick artistic.

Artistic ornamental wrought iron candelabra.

Subject entirely designed and manufactured using traditional techniques in a new concept of design to beautify the room where it is placed ….. as dining table, dining table, furniture, chests of drawers or bedside tables.

The candle was first drawn on paper and then scaled on a desk job then move on to sculpt the iron in its desired shapes with hammer and anvil.

We first reported the sketch in a cardboard scale where we reported the shape of the candlestick.

Then we went to light the forge and bring to room temperature the pieces cut to size with a miter saw.

Once you have found the temperature we started shaping the material with a hammer on the ‘anvil finding the desired shapes to get the candle holder.

After we moved to assemble it all with a wire welder being careful at the current frequency to the minutest parts.

Once assembled all the pieces we have moved to a careful cleaning of the candlestick polishing and removing the impurities of the coal forge.

After careful sanding we went to choose the color to make the candlestick even more refined and elegant.

The color is a browning, you can request to have other colors to your liking.

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