Floor lamp in iron


Subject intereamente designed and handmade by shapeitaly.


Floor lamp in wrought iron style made modern with the ancient tradition of the true Italian blacksmith and his blacksmith crafts.

The first floor has been designed on paper and then in scale bench stand work.This is a unique object in the form and style of the new design made by shapeItaly.

The item has been built in a traditional way following the ancient traditions using rudimentary tools of the blacksmith’s forge as old as coal hammer and the anvil.

First, we describe the design of the floor in the shape of gear on the bench and then begin to create our forms shaping the iron.

After that we found the lines and curves of the legs to reach an elegant and harmonious and height determined.

Then we have assembled the stand with a professional welder and cleaned up the welds with a grinder.

Once you’ve gone to a careful cleaning we TIG welded steel tube brushed by passing all the wires for the current wiring.

Although the painting was given a coat of matt black as a primer and then move on to making the desired effect with a brush using the various color tones.

The floor is suitable in a context both modern and classic for a refined and unique (lampshade interchangeable).

If requested, the choice of colors to your liking writing in the notes of purchase.