Ashtray wrought iron flower shape


Ashtray wrought iron in the shape of a flower.

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Ashtray wrought iron in the shape of a flower.

conceived and designed by the skilled hands from artisan blacksmith with old work shaping the material, making the material more ductile iron thanks to the forge.

The object is designed to protect the environment, both in its form and in its use.

The ashtray has a terracotta floor where you can put the sand to be able to put out the cigarette and is easily removable for easy cleaning.

The back is flat so that it can be fixed easily in a support point, thanks to the metal tab in the middle of the flower of a hole prepared for the special fischer.

The flower can be addressed or right or left depending on the needs of the client that must communicate through the order.

Also the variety of colors can be changed to your choice.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 105 cm