New design Clothes hangers


Object designed and made by Shapeitaly in a completely handmade


New design Clothes hangers.

This wall hooks has been conceived and designed following the ancient traditions of Italian craftsmanship.

We tried to give an importance to the classic furnishings such as hangers, creating lines and curves giving new importance to the tradition but with a modern concept.

We made the sketch in the school work and then move on to the cutting of the material, after which we went to the forge and shaped our lines and curves anvil with a hammer.

After finding all of our desired shapes we have assembled a professional welder.

After that we went to a careful grind that has allowed us to give after a fund such as antirust paint and finish as we took the brush and began to fade with the various shades of color until you get the desired effect (black / silver) .

If requested, other types of colors to choose from writing to