Ferro e forgia

Craft lamp in medieval style

Lamp handcrafted in medieval style, object designed and manufactured by shapeitaly.

This lamp I wanted to create the craft after touring many medieval villages and castles in party nights d ‘summer, offering fantastic days with epic moments to remember.

Turning to the villages you will immediately understand the style of the old wrought iron and brick and stone that Tuscany offers us in all its beauty, bringing us back to our roots native.

Even the games themselves then they understand that our culture was always focused on this issue. Here are the weapons like swords and shields are then used as depicted in a light craft rebuilding into smaller objects that were created in the same way with the hammer and the anvil forge, in actual size to go fight.

This lamp gives me the feeling of an ancient object, as then, and I tried to give a strong word as compared to a modern society of today a bit devoid of values than in the past.

(Possibility of customization on request.)


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