Floor lamp in wrought iron style shabby shic.


Fully forged object and hand finished


Floor lamp in wrought iron style shabby shic.

The design of this floor lamp is the result of an idea drawn on paper after a careful selection of lines as innovative design; Development began in the bend with a hammer on the anvil shaping the material; that is, with iron ore to a temperature ideal with the forge to make it more malleable to obtain uniform and smooth curves.

Once you make the base of the floor lamp we moved on to working with sheet metal part it also very complex for its sculpted shapes to parchment.

The lower part of the pedestal is used as door magazines while the upper part is a convenient platform to support it also worked and finished with abstract designs in engraving sheet.

After assembling all with the last finishing welds and high precision for fixing the pipe in brushed steel and various accessories for wiring electrical wiring for the light, we pass to the paint.

Once degreased and cleaned the parts well let the first coat of high quality paint spray that is both anti-rust primer that, after we pass that pulled the paint with brushes to give more coats of paint to bring the desired shade for get the desired effect.

The lampshade is classically white, but being removable, you can change it at will.

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