Exhibitor wine cellar or wrought iron


Subject wrought iron designed and developed by Shapeitaly in a completely handmade


Exhibitor wine cellar or wrought iron.

Exhibitor wine designed on paper with a design in the shape of a bunch of grapes,

the cellar was then scaled on the work bench. Once the design we switched to iron cutting the amount indicated, after which we moved on to mold the material finding curves to arrive at the figure drawn on the bench.

To find the curves and lines of the cluster we used the ancient tradition of the blacksmith, forge hammer and anvil, all of this to give more uniqueness to the finished piece not being in range of industrial processes.

Even details like the curls and the leaves are all different from the others in that each piece is created by hand without molds or presses.

This cellar is burnished to give a greater antiquity to the finished piece.

These wine cellars can be customized according to customer’s need of both measures on the colors, of course, varies the price and delivery time. For inquiries, write to info@shapeitaly.com