Passion for wrought iron craftsmanship











It has never been easy to speak in a few sentences of ourselves, summarizing some lines in a lifetime of work, but …. I must be honest from the beginning and tell you that if I was a guy I could imagine becoming a blacksmith here would be the last thing I would have imagined … I started to see me so maybe the model and dreamed of the famous singer and instead a myriad Of victims and coincidences or life factors I found myself in the footsteps of the blacksmith by vocation.

Everything started after a short restoration degree that opened up to me a vast and fascinating world of art …. key to your sore, because it really opens up a world full of sensations of opinion but above all opinionists ….. ie people who judge An artist or creator of any object, which only tries to convey to others the emotions …. that he perceives in, extending them, creating something that realizes it and that it raises emotions to him and to those who observe them.

Restoration was a job that fascinated me but did not fully understand why it was not me that I created … and I decided to change the way ….. Here I find myself on a climbing path that was the search for an ideal occupation for me and for my future. All crowned with an avalanche of disapproval for the choices made.

She begins to look around and understand the right way to try and experiment with me …. I started with the industrial hydraulics then freezer then carpenter metalwork and from there I started slowly to realize the passion that grew within me of the locksmith. …, I finally started to feel accomplished in what I was doing and creating.

I have to point out that at the beginning the work of the metalmaker was really hard because the workshop garret is very similar to the military ….. everything goes according to tradition and customs to make you grow as a craftsman. There would be a thousand things to tell but I would go too far and this is not my intent.

Here every day I grew up in my desire to learn more and more quickly all the various machining of the various metals and the use of tools and machines with technical drawings.

I still remember today as if it was yesterday the first pieces built in the workshop at the end of the working day as an employee, looking at the ground between the waste of the iron I saw a piece half-moon and immediately I was thinking of building a sun I would put To the wall on the head of the bed.

Even today, this enthusiasm to see what surrounds me and then try to reproduce it in a design object I never left. Today more than yesterday I try to bring back thanks to the years that have given me a greater experience in doing things, an ancient trade in a more modern era, bringing the old to a new style with passion and trying to arouse different emotions by proposing unique objects In its kind, trying to show that shaping the handmade material can be imperfect, but it is you who notice the true beauty, because it takes a soul.