Wine tasting table external


Object designed and made by shapeitaly in a completely handmade.


Wine tasting table external.

The object is designed first on paper and then reported in the sketch on the work bench. The table is an object that very inspired by the elegance and the harmony in taste with beautiful glass goblets a good wine in the open air on a beautiful balcony or garden, leaving captivated by the warm glow of the candle creates a definitely immersive atmosphere.

For its construction we have moved to cut the pieces that we needed to size, after which we went to the forge with hammer on the anvil have shaped the soft curves aided by the heat of the forge. After that we moved on to build the platform that to seek maximum convenience we made it swivel to get to take items that are placed there from many angles. As a final part in the header we applied a comfortable para wind to do blow out the candle. The table has been cleaned with a grinder and then begin to careful coloration. Before we gave a universal primer and then move to brush the various chromatic passages to get to the desired hue.

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