Tables in satin finish

Work in polished satin finish iron. Processing of raw iron from single 35 × 8 single flat bars with various steps can achieve satin glossy effects by removing the calamina;Then helping us from a calender we get perfect circles where they will be placed together with the leg construction to be welded to tig. All

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Items of furniture in wrought iron

Objects Wrought iron furniture, items created in a completely handcrafted from design to construction to the paint finish. All this to give life to this day Italian craftsmanship where more and more we get closer to an industrial globalization. These small items add a touch of elegance and originality to the rooms where there is

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Cubism classic stool shapeitaly

Stool designed and built by shapeitaly, objects created using the style of cubism. Getting a design of geometric shapes such as squares and half-round until you come to get the object made of paper that is a stool with more geometric shapes. This object of stool is designed and built after the smoke created table

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